3+3 Programs

UNI has partnerships with both Drake University Law School and the University of Iowa College of Law that allow students to be admitted to and begin law school after completing their third year at UNI.

These accelerated programs allow UNI students to complete both a bachelor’s degree at UNI and Juris Doctorate at Iowa or Drake in six years.


How does 3+3 work?


Interested UNI students must be certified by Professor Peters, the UNI 3+3 coordinator, before applying for the program. Most students would take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) in October or December of their junior year. Certified students would apply to law school starting around January of their junior year. Students must meet the admission standards of the law school applied to. Accepted students begin the first year of law school in what would be their senior year at UNI. Upon successful completion of the first year of law school, the credit hours earned in law school will transfer to UNI as general electives, and students will be awarded their UNI undergraduate degree.


Students may choose any major to complete the 3+3 program, but they must choose a major that will allow them to complete its requirements before the end of the junior year. This will require careful planning and coordination with academic and prelaw advisors.


The standard program, then, will look like this:


Required hours to complete a UNI bachelor’s degree              120 hours

Liberal Arts Core (LAC) requirements                                          – 45 hours

Transfer from first year of law school                                           – 30 hours

Remaining credit hours in which to complete major                   45 hours

Is 3+3 right for me?


In general, students preparing for law school should focus on acquiring skills to prepare them for law school and to succeed in their legal careers. We recommend that students pursue rigorous courses that emphasize reading, writing, and analytical thinking. Law schools accept students from all majors, so students should pursue a major that interests them while providing appropriate preparation. This basic advice doesn’t change for students in 3+3.


Students considering 3+3 should also talk to both their academic and pre-law advisors about the trade-offs that participating in 3+3 might require. For example, due to the accelerated timeline, students may be unable to complete a second major or minor, participate in a study abroad experience, participate in undergraduate research, or complete certain internships. Students who acquire these experiences at UNI may enhance their qualifications for both admission to law school and law-school scholarships. Pre-law advisors will help students weigh these considerations in deciding whether the program is right for them.


How can I find out more about 3+3?


To learn about the specifics of each school’s program and application process, visit their websites:

University of Iowa College of Law 3+3 Program

Drake University Law School 3+3 Program

Then, make an appointment with your pre-law advisor. Early planning can allow you to arrange your schedule so you can participate in the program, should you choose to.


Dr. Scott Peters
Pre-law advisor, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences3+3 Coordinator
Department of Political Science
334 Sabin Hall
(319) 273-2727
Dr. Lisa Jepsen
Pre-law advisor, College of Business Administration
Department of Economics
CBB 325
(319) 273-6240
Dr. Yasemin Sari

Pre-law advisor, College of Arts, Sciences, and Humanities

Department of Philosophy and World Religions

BAR 1089

(310) 273-6221