Law School Preparation Timeline and Checklist

(assuming traditional 4-year graduation timeline)

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First and Second Years

  • Take interesting and challenging Liberal Arts Core classes. Make sure you’re taking classes that help you improve problem solving, logical thinking, reading and writing skills.
  • Talk to your academic advisor about your goals, your possible interest in law school, and how your course of study relates. Plan out course of study to permit light course-load during semester preparing for LSAT.
  • Meet with pre-law advisor periodically to discuss interest and goals
  • Once choose a major, discuss with academic advisor and pre-law advisor whether any additional courses would be useful to help prepare for law school
  • Write a draft of your personal statement at least once each year and get feedback from pre-law advisor
  • Attend UNI Pre-law Club events to learn about the legal profession and law school

Junior Year

  • Take Elementary Logic (PHIL 1030)
  • If possible, plan to take a light course load during semester studying for LSAT
  • Visit with pre-law advisor to discuss preparing for LSAT
  • Devote at least 200 hours to LSAT preparation
  • If you haven’t already, consider internship, job shadow, and/or volunteer opportunities that will help you explore your interests in legal careers
  • Attend UNI Pre-law Club events to learn about the legal profession and law school
  • Before school dismisses, ask professors to write letters of rec for you.
  • Over summer, start on resume and personal statement
  • Narrow down list of schools considering applying to

Senior Year

  • Take the LSAT no later than September/October.
  • By early September, ask professors for letter of rec and provide with any information they request to help them write it
  • Write and edit resume and personal statements. Be sure to get input from pre-law advisor on drafts
  • Visit with pre-law advisor to finalize list of schools to apply for, in light of LSAT scores
  • Submit applications no later than Thanksgiving
  • Visit with pre-law advisor as you make final decision about where to attend.
  • Notify school that you’re accepting offer and pay seat deposit