Pre-law at UNI

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On August 31 we kicked off the year with a discussion with Miryam Atunez de Mayolo, Immigration Attorney with Catholic Charities, Achdiocese of Dubuque, and John Pantazis, General Counsel at Heartland Dental.

On April 16 we hosted a webinar with Collins Byrd, Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management at University of Iowa College of Law, and Kara Blachard, Assistant Dean of Admission and Financial Aid at Drake Law School. They answered COVID-19 questions and more.


UNI’s strong academic programs will equip students to succeed in law school, and our faculty pre-law advisors are here to assist them at all stages of preparing for and applying to law school. Students can also get involved in the UNI Pre-law Club, which sponsors opportunities to meet and talk to lawyers about their work and careers, visits with law school representatives, and workshops to help students through key parts of the application process.

UNI also has 3+3 Program partnerships with both the University of Iowa College of Law and Drake University Law School. These accelerated programs allow UNI students to complete a bachelor’s degree at UNI and a Juris Doctorate at Iowa or Drake in six years rather than the normal seven.

This site answers some common questions that students have when they’re considering going to law school. Students should consider this site a starting point and should contact a pre-law advisor as early as possible. The earlier students meet with pre-law advisors, the more help and guidance they’ll receive.

For more information, please contact one of our pre-law advisors

Dr. Scott Peters
Pre-law advisor, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Department of Political Science
335 Sabin Hall
(319) 273-2727
Dr. Lisa Jepsen
Pre-law advisor, College of Business Administration
Department of Economics
CBB 325
(319) 273-6240
Dr. Yasemin Sari
Pre-law advisor, College of Arts, Sciences, and Humanities
Department of Philosophy and World Religions
BAR 1099
(310) 273-4435